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Become the best and most respected infrastructure software company in the world.

Core values

Delivering Time to Awesome starts with being awesome ourselves. At Doopai, we hire and lead by these core values:

We value each other

We recognize we come from a variety of backgrounds and have a variety of beliefs and values. We embrace each other as people, respect our differences, and are committed to working together to achieve our shared objectives.

Work for Customer Success

We listen to our customers to understand their needs and think from their perspective. We identify current and potential challenges and optimize business value for our customers. Our goal is to be a trusted, reliable, and long-term partner providing leading technology to our users.

We embrace failure

We try things, break things, take risks, and believe failure is key to innovation. We bounce back from failure and learn quickly.

We are committed to open source

We strive to make information and the decision process as transparent as possible. We endeavor to be humble, curious, and always open to learning and improving ourselves. We are open to different opinions, diverse perspectives and challenges, but after a decision is made, we fully commit to it. We believe in open source and are committed to participating in and contributing to the open source community in meaningful ways.

We are committed to helping our customers build cool stuff that transforms their business in less time – we call it Time to Awesome.