Drycc Community

Drycc contains everything you need in container as a service platform (CaaS).

Easy to Install

If you have a pure host, it can be a cloud server, bare metal server, virtual machine, or even your laptop. Install with just one command.

Meet Twelve-Factor

Drycc Workflow is a lightweight Container as a Service (CaaS) platform that deploys and scales Twelve-Factor apps as containers across a K8s cluster.

Easy to Use

Drycc Workflow can deploy any application or service that can run inside a container. In order to be scaled horizontally.

Devops Friendly

Scale horizontally or vertically to handle planned or unplanned traffic spikes. Maximize availability with zero downtime deployments.

More Addons

Mulit tools and services for developing, extending, and operating your app.

Shared Volume

The volume can be mounted as read-write by many container.

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